Aden's Musical Playground

Open Your Eyes to the Beauty of Music

Explore Diverse Playgrounds


  • The World's Greatest Music

    Lose yourself in the timeless patterns of over two dozen masterpieces of classical music. From simple solos to sophisticated symphonies
  • Playgrounds Galore

    Watch the pattern of a song come alive across a wide variety of playgrounds, from fireworks and flames to flowers and fountains
  • Fun Toys

    In VR, dance and play with a variety of toys to feel and weave your own patterns into the world's greatest music. You can even feel the music, by simply reaching out and touching a note.



Awesome. Very.
Wildly Imaginative!!
You just blew my mind!
I can FEEL it!
That's the best music thing in VR yet
Dude...when can I go to the dark side of the moon?